Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Dear All, this is a real life story of mine! This happened last year and I had written this article soon afterwards when Biju asked me to write something for the TecNo writing contest. Ofcourse, this did not win me any prizes. Hope this would atleast bring a smile to your faces! :-)


Pierce -O- Phobia
It was the day before Christmas. My father asked me something, but I barely heard it. I was unusually tensed! My younger sister Diya looked at me and smiled. ‘Don’t worry, Preetha’, she told.

Just then the phone rang. My elder sister was calling to share all the Christmas news. I tried to share her excitement, but not very successfully. To my relief, Diya took the phone away from me. And soon I heard her say, ‘ Oh, nothing happened, Chechi! She is just a little worried. You know, she is going to get her nose pierced today’. I could sense my chechi laugh her heart out at the other end.

My thoughts turned back to that evening about one month back. Chechi and I were at Kosco jewelers and I insisted that I wanted a mookuthi (nose pin). We bought one from the collection they had and soon left for home. We would come back another day to get it fixed on me.

Initially, I was under the assumption that a simple gun shot would do the job. Only later did I realize that this was not possible. Alas, I actually had to get my nose pierced. All the initial excitement vanished. Now I was not so sure that I even wanted a nose pin. Four weeks passed and the pin still remained in my almarah.

Diya pushed my mobile into my hands. Oh ok….it was my cousin! Suddenly I recollected that she had had her nose pierced about 2 years back. That too, at Kosco itself. Who else could help me regain the confidence that I so lacked?!! Contrary to my expectations, she informed me that it took about 1 week for the pain to subside. Her nose had got punctured; it seems, during the mission. I grew double hesitant.

But I also knew that there was no way out. I thought about the N number of things- this ear-ring or that top which I had bought at some exhibitions and which later continued to be conveniently forgotten at some corner of my wardrobe. The same fate for my nose pin too? My parents certainly won’t approve!!!! Sensing my disappointment, my cousin advised to go to Balappat instead of Kosco. The ‘thataan’(goldsmith), there is a veteran, she told. She herself had got her second studs done there and there were no problems then. I was satisfactorily relieved by this explanation. Be it Balappat then, I decided!!

Diya and I reached Balappat by about 11 a.m. They asked us to wait for the thataan. As every minute passed, I grew increasingly tensed. After about 15 minutes, the thataan came. We showed him the pin. ‘So which side do you want to get this fixed?’, he enquired. I looked at Diya startled. To this time, we had thought nothing about it. We tried to recollect the many faces that we had seen. Was it on the right side? Or left?

Finally instead of an answer, I shot a question back. ‘Which side do people usually have their nose pin on?’. This time the thataan seemed confused. He also decided to be clever like me and gave no answer either. Instead, he marked a spot on the left side of my nose with his blue ball pen. Then he offered me a mirror and asked me to check. If I found it OK, he would have the hole made there. I took the mirror from him and looked. Wasn’t the mark a bit too high? Or is it supposed to be there? Confusion! Confusion! We then asked him to make another mark a little down. He willingly obeyed. Ah…. this one seemed better.

I took a few deep breaths, tightened my grip on my sister’s arm and closed my eyes, in preparation to the great event. A few seconds passed. Nothing happened! I opened my eyes. There was the thataan standing in front of me examining something which looked like a needle. Then with a calm expression he remarked, ‘Your skin is thicker than normal. I would go get another needle’.

I was too shocked to even move. The thataan was soon back. I did not scream nor struggle for fear that the thataan might lose his concentration. The only thing that I recollect is a few tears running down my cheeks as the pin pierced right across. A few moments later, Diya wiped off the tears from my face, smiled at me and passed me the mirror. There it was…..the pin…small, round and shining!!

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mmm... oru mookuthi idunnatu kananam ennu ippol tonunnu..... :)