Monday, September 29, 2008

Vakkam Abdul Khader nu 'G' yude kathukal.....

First of all thanks to Rajesh for gifting me this book on my birthday!! :-). This is a collection of letters that G. Sankarakurup had written to Vakkom Abdul Khader over the years of their acquaintance. Here, we would be impressed by the bond of friendship shared between these two eminent writers. Wonder whether such relationship exists between today's writers?! Also one special thing that I noticed was that G has addressed Vakkom as 'Bratha' or 'Priya Bratha' in most of his letters may be except one or two in which he has addressed him as 'Suhruthe'. Was this difference in addressing a conscious effort?This remains a mystery to me! In some letters you can enjoy 'G's exra-ordinary talent in literature while some depicts his dreams, visions and certain elements of his character(esp. humility). If you love writing letters and reading them, do get your hands on this one!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Lately, I read Kesavdev's 'Kannadi'. This is a simple story depicting communist spirit and the early struggles the communist party had to face. You can easily flip through the pages, enjoy the local language used by the characters( feels as if watching an old malayalam movie) and at the same time recognise the strength of certain scenes/dialogues etc. The ending however seemed an abrupt one to me. Anyway, I recommend the book to whoever wishes to have a light reading without having to complicate oneself with serious thinking or imagination!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Aakashagopuram is having its root in the play “Master Builders” by Henric Ibsen. As far as technicians of Aakashagopuram are concerned lot of Hollywood technicians are associating with this project. Naturally media hike was also there but after seeing the film, the question arising is "whether the crew had done it up to expectation?”If we say it as the career best of MohanLal, that will be ridiculous. His best has already come. If we say it as the best we are actually forgetting his past films like Bharatham, Kilukkam, Kamaldalam, Chithram, Pavithram, Dasaradham, NO 20 etc etc. If we say it as the best, we are actually saying that he acted very badly in the past. So a die hard fan also couldn’t say it as the best keeping the memories of his nice films.The movements, dialogues everything feels the movie as a play presented on screen. But one thing we can easily notice as a fault with this character is her age. She started loving him or they started love life at the age of 12..!! But at 22 also we are watching the same physique. If it’s a transition from 22 to 32, it’s OK but this is the transformation from a child to a matured women. Actually characters in the film doesn’t need a heavy effort from the performers part so there is not anything extra to deliver from their part.Background music is good and it helps to hide the faults to some extent. The best thing from Director is the camera. He had done camera work superbly with nice frames and lighting. We can feel the Devadoothan’ effect once more.Sound recording is also good. As far as a movie is concerned Presentation is the key part than story. Here story is a classic but the question is whether the presentation is good or not???Anyway KP Kumaran is back into Malayalam film industry after 20 years. His last film Rugmini was focused on the dark shades of human life, story of a girl who is getting into the company of prostitutes.Well done KP..!!