Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Lately, I read Kesavdev's 'Kannadi'. This is a simple story depicting communist spirit and the early struggles the communist party had to face. You can easily flip through the pages, enjoy the local language used by the characters( feels as if watching an old malayalam movie) and at the same time recognise the strength of certain scenes/dialogues etc. The ending however seemed an abrupt one to me. Anyway, I recommend the book to whoever wishes to have a light reading without having to complicate oneself with serious thinking or imagination!


Magu said...

Hey Preeths, Do you own this book, I would like to read it...Can I have it during November? Though I prefer to read it when I feel to be very much mallu ::)

Preetha said...

Sure Maggguuuuu!! You can have it any time you want!! By the way, you had told that you would post some of your writing here. Where is that? Post that soon!!